Membership & Joining


Whilst we love to welcome new players, the Junior section is very busy and we are full in most age groups. If you would like to contact us about joining please send an email to the Junior Committee first to see if there are any spaces. For all new membership enquirers, please send your child’s name, age, and school year in September and we will contact you should any spaces in that age group become available.

Due to our numbers, new enquirers are asked not to turn up to a session before arranging to do so as we don’t want to disappoint any children.

For all new members, we are happy for children to attend up to 2 sessions before paying and joining the Club to ensure they enjoy the experience. New children joining after January each year need only pay 50% of the subscription. The subscription fees cover your child’s hockey coaching through from September to Easter time at the Eastro (Kings College Road). Each age group and level (except our U6s) are entered in festivals and leagues and these are played on Sundays. Training times vary across the age group. When appropriate, older groups are entered into the Cup games. There will be a break over Christmas and New Year of 3 weeks.

We ask all new parents to sign up to our weekly newsletter which carries a huge amount of information in it.

Joining us again from last season? Watch out for an email from your Team Admin Person (we call them TAPs) letting you know about the start of season. Due to the popularity of the junior section, existing members will be asked to pay for their place by the end of September, confirmation of returning is asked for in August .  Should you not pay and make no contact with us to let us know this, then the place will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.


We are currently awaiting confirmation of sub rates.  As a guidance last year’s rate were:

The following subscription rates are applicable for the 2020-2021 season.

Subscription Rates

Paid by 30 Sept#

Junior U13


Junior (13-18)


Junior Goalkeeper with own kit


#Due to waiting lists Junior subscriptions must be paid by 30 September 2021 otherwise the Junior will lose their place.

MEMBERS HAVE 2 WAYS TO PAY (1) Lump Sum Electronically to Barclays Sort Code - 20-67-83, AC Number - 50098140 If paying online, please email your TAP to let them know you have paid.

Or by cheque to Eastcote Hockey & Badminton Club Ltd and hand to your TAP. Please put your child’s full name and age group. We require separate cheques for each child. If paying online, please email your TAP to let them know you have paid. (2) Instalments 3 x £45 Junior U13 3 x £50 Junior (13-17yrs) Pay electronically as above or by or 3 post dated cheques and hand to your TAP. No cash please. Please put your child’s full name and age group on each cheque. We require separate cheques for each child.