Existing Members

Eastcote no longer requires existing members to register each season, please pay the subscription as per below, and contact Graham Dale with any questions regarding your current information stored on the Eastcote Hockey Club Database

The following subscription rates are applicable for the 2017-2018 season. The discount rates are available for Existing Members who pay before the 31st October. Payment after these times will be required at the higher rate:

Subscription Rates Pre 31st Oct Post 31st Oct
Adult £180 £200
Goalkeeper with own kit £0 £0
Student £120* £140*
Graduate (1st yr Grad) £120 £140
New Mums** £120 £140
Junior (13-18) £120 £140
Social £80 £90

*No winter season match fees payable
** Child under 2

Please send your payment to Eastcote using the following details:

Electronically to:
Eastcote Hockey & Badminton Club Ltd
Sort code: 20-67-83
Account number: 50098140
Please mark the transaction reference with your name and "Subs" (Subscriptions)
Payable to:
Eastcote Hockey and Badminton Club Ltd
Please put your name on the back of the cheque and either give it to your captain, club captain, or post it in the box on the wall of the bar in the clubhouse