Fees & Subscriptions

Match Fees

The match fees for the 2018-2019 season can be found below and should be paid to your Captain on match day. Match Fee includes post match food:

Saturday & Sunday League & Cup
Adult £10
Student £0
Junior (Under 18) £5
Sunday Non League
Adult £10
Student £0
Junior (Under 18) £5
Adult £7
Student £5
Junior (Under 18) £3


The following subscription rates are applicable for the 2018-2019 season. The discount rates are available for Existing Members who pay before the 31st October, and New Members when paid in full on joining. Payment after these times will be required at the higher rate:

Subscription Rates Pre 31st Oct Post 31st Oct
Adult £190 £210
Goalkeeper with own kit £0 £0
Student £130* £150*
Graduate (1st year Grad) £130 £150
New Mums £130** £150**
Junior (13-18 yrs playing Saturday)# £130 £150
Social £90 £100

* No winter season match fees payable
** Child under 2
# Juniors who are also members of the Juniors section only need to pay a single subscription

New payment and registration procedures are underway and will be posted to you soon. No payments can be taken yet.