Brazil Hockey Project

Our long-time member of Eastcote HC, Selwyn Carrasco is appealing for donations of hockey equipment for this Project. 

Selwyn describes the project as follows: 

The aim of the project is twofold. 

1. To help support the development and increase participation at grassroots level of the game in Brazil. 

2. To provide education through playing the sport. 

On objective 1, I am collecting hockey equipment, which could be old or new, adults or juniors that players are no longer using. I am grateful for the equipment mainly sticks that has been donated by a number of members. I've made one delivery of donated equipment in January last year. I plan to make another this year 

On objective 2, in the future I plan to spend 3 to 4 months in Brazil coaching, umpiring and teaching English. Some people may say that I'd best stick to teaching English. I'll also be looking for volunteer gap year students of any age over 18 years old, who wish to spend time in the country combining coaching hockey and teaching English. 

Other ideas and more ambitious ones include the possibility of hockey tours to places like Rio and São Paulo or to Porto Alegre in the south, including exchange trips. 

For further information please contact Selwyn on 07802870407 or