Eastcote Pre-Owned Hockey Stuff – new Facebook group

Want to get rid of your good quality old hockey kit that you or your child’s grown out of or you’ve got too many of?  Well here’s a new Eastcote hockey club service for you.  It’s a Facebook page dedicated for donating, selling or buying hockey kit.  You can also post a ‘wanted’ advert for kit.  Sticks, shoes, shorts, skorts – simple.  If you think someone else could benefit from it, then please sign up and get it upcycled.

T & Cs

For those of you on Facebook, it's easy to join the group and then you can start to add and reply to posts. It's a Closed group for now called "Eastcote Pre-Owned Hockey Stuff", web link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/eastcotepreownedhockeystuff/.  

Simply request to join and that's it.  

Obviously there are some basic rules -  Eastcote Hockey Club or the group admin aren’t responsible for any transactions or disagreements, and please be polite at all times!